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Luxury Curtain Tiebacks, Tassels, Rope Cord Tie Backs, Beaded, Crystal Glass or Feather in a Large Range of Colours by instantly recognisable names such as Jones Interiors, Kestrel Lister & Co, Swish etc.


2054 Silky Tiebacks (22)

Cipolla Pom Pom Tie Backs (9)

Coastal Collection Tie backs (6)

Delta Tie Backs (45)

HB111 Florentine Tie Backs (11)

HB112 Florentine Large Tie Backs (11)

HB113 Florentine Med Tie Backs (11)

HB140 Tiffany Tie Backs (15)

HB160 Interlude Tie Backs (11)

HB161 Interlude Tie Backs (11)

HB181 Metallic Tie Backs (6)

HB202 Barrel Tiebacks (10)

HB231 Orb Curtain Tie Backs (12)

HB233 Lustre Rope Tieband (9)

HB260 Venice Tie Backs (9)

HB261 Venice Tie Bands (9)

HB500 Milly Tie Backs (7)

HB550 Reef Rope Tie Backs (15)

HB610 Sovereign Tie Backs (13)

HB611 Emperor Tie Backs (13)

HB612 Duchess Tie Backs (13)

HB614 Regal Tieband Tie Backs (13)

HB650 Belezza Tie backs (10)

HB662 Shard Tie Backs (5)

HB690 Arcade Tie Backs (10)

HB691 Carnival Tie Backs (10)

HB692 Talbot Tie Backs (10)

HB701 Artisan Tie Backs (9)

HB720 Opera Tie Backs (9)

HB730 Palais Tie Backs (5)

HB740 Trevi Beaded Tie Backs (2)

HB764 Helston Tie Backs (8)

HB780 Narnia Tie Backs (4)

HB780 Tressé Tie Backs (7)

HB790 Hygge Tie Backs (9)

HB800 Sassari Linen Tie Backs (10)

HB830 Merton Tie Backs (5)

HB840 Bexley Tie Backs (7)

HB855 Ginni Rope Tie Backs (13)

HB856 Dana Acrylic Tie Backs (13)

HB857 Adena Large Tie Backs (13)

Regency Vienna Tie Backs (8)

Speedy Ellie Tie Backs (4)

Vetrobello Tie Backs (3)

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