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Dylon Fabric Dye Machine Use - Navy Blue 08 - (Quick Find Code:7000370108)
Online Price:£ 6.75
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Change or renew the colour of your clothes and soft furnishings with this easy to use machine fabric dye. For use in automatic front loading machines only.

Suitable fabrics: cotton, linen, viscose and polyester/cotton mixes. IMPORTANT NOTE: Will produce lighter shades on polyester mixes because pure synthetics do not pick up the dye.

Not suitable for wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon and other synthetic fibres or fabric with special finishes e.g. 'dry clean' only.

One pack will dye up to 600g /1lb dry weight fabric. Dyeing larger amounts (up to 1200g) will give a lighter colour.

Final colour depends on the original fabric colour so you'll need to consider colour mixing rules.

* Red + Blue = Purple
* Blue + Yellow = Green
* Red + Yellow = Orange

Alternatively, you can use DYLON Pre-Dye to return a fabric to a neutral shade before dyeing to obtain the colour close to that shown on the pack. For more information visit Dylons Website.
Approximate Total Weight: 0.22 Kg 

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