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KT10 Beaded Trim Bead Fringe Trimming 10m - (Quick Find Code:KT104COLS)
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This is an opportunity to buy a discounted 10m card for clients requiring excellent value for money, bear in mind this is a trade card and you are aware these may have manufacturers joins, odd missing bead etc, this is a normal occurrence during processing and you are expected to cut & re-join to work around this.

Unit of Sale: 10 Mtr Card

Approx Size: 52mm Overall Depth (= 2.04 inches) The widest bead is 8mm, the drops of beads are spaced 13mm apart and are attached to a 9mm deep ribbon.

Superb quality trimming offers a multitude of uses including trimming curtains, furnishings, lamps, blinds etc.

Approximate Total Weight: 0.6 Kg 

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£ 0.00

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