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Browse our selection of Basic Sewing Essentials from Hemline which include Hand Sewing Needles, Threaders, Thimbles, Tape Measures & Seam Rippers

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H210.25 S.jpgHEMLINE Assorted Craft Hand Sewing Needles 25 Pcs

(Quick Find Code: H210.25)
Hemline£ 2.15View/Order
H210.30 S.jpgHEMLINE Assorted Craft Hand Sewing Needles 30 Pcs

(Quick Find Code: H210.30)
Hemline£ 1.75View/Order
H214 S.jpgHEMLINE Assorted Household Needles, 12pcs

(Quick Find Code: H214)
Hemline£ 1.25View/Order
H210.50 S.jpgHEMLINE Assorted Household Sewing Needles 50 Pcs

(Quick Find Code: H210.50)
Hemline£ 1.80View/Order
H135 S.jpgHEMLINE H135 Needle Applicator and Brush

(Quick Find Code: H135)
Hemline£ 1.40View/Order
H140 S.jpgHEMLINE H140 Overlock Sewing Machine Threaders

(Quick Find Code: H140)
Hemline£ 2.60View/Order
H141 S.jpgHEMLINE H141 Fine Point Tweezers, 1 Pc

(Quick Find Code: H141)
Hemline£ 2.85View/Order
H143 S.jpgHEMLINE H143 Sewing Machine Thread Nets, 5 Pcs

(Quick Find Code: H143)
Hemline£ 1.30View/Order
H145 S.jpgHEMLINE H145 Sewing Machine Service Kit, 3 Pc

(Quick Find Code: H145)
Hemline£ 2.50View/Order
H220 S.jpgHEMLINE H220 Needle Grabbers, 2pcs

(Quick Find Code: H220)
Hemline£ 1.55View/Order
H221 S.jpgHEMLINE H221 Plastic Finger Shield

(Quick Find Code: H221)
Hemline£ 1.40View/Order
H222.A S.jpgHEMLINE H222.A Metal ThimbleS, 3 Ass Sizes

(Quick Find Code: H222.A)
Hemline£ 2.20View/Order
H222.L S.jpgHEMLINE H222.L Metal Thimble, Size 18, Large

(Quick Find Code: H222.L)
Hemline£ 1.25View/Order
H222.M S.jpgHEMLINE H222.M Metal Thimble, Size 17, Medium

(Quick Find Code: H222.M)
Hemline£ 1.25View/Order
H222.S S.jpgHEMLINE H222.S Metal Thimble, Size 16, Small

(Quick Find Code: H222.S)
Hemline£ 1.25View/Order
H223 S.jpgHEMLINE H223 Quilters Comfortable Thimble

(Quick Find Code: H223)
Hemline£ 2.35View/Order
H224.L S.jpgHEMLINE H224.L Leather Thimble, Large

(Quick Find Code: H224.L)
Hemline£ 2.40View/Order
H224.S S.jpgHEMLINE H224.S Leather Thimble, Small

(Quick Find Code: H224.S)
Hemline£ 2.20View/Order
H225 S.jpgHEMLINE H225 Quilters Thumb Thimble

(Quick Find Code: H225)
Hemline£ 1.40View/Order
H225.M S.jpgHEMLINE H225.M Multi-Use Leather Thimble

(Quick Find Code: H225.M)
Hemline£ 4.60View/Order
H226.A S.jpgHEMLINE H226.A Light Weight Thimbles, 3 Ass Sizes

(Quick Find Code: H226.A)
Hemline£ 2.20View/Order
H227 S.jpgHEMLINE H227 Adjustable Thimble, Multi-Size

(Quick Find Code: H227)
Hemline£ 1.40View/Order
H232 S.jpgHEMLINE H232 Aluminium Needle Threaders, Pck 3

(Quick Find Code: H232)
Hemline£ 1.20View/Order
H233 S.jpgHEMLINE H233 Needle Threader with Magnifier

(Quick Find Code: H233)
Hemline£ 1.50View/Order
H234 S.jpgHEMLINE H234 Needle Threader, Plastic Handle, 2pc

(Quick Find Code: H234)
Hemline£ 1.40View/Order
H234.A S.jpgHEMLINE H234.A Needle Threaders Assorted, 3pk

(Quick Find Code: H234.A)
Hemline£ 1.55View/Order
H237 S.jpgHEMLINE H237 Needle Threader With Cutter, 2 pcs

(Quick Find Code: H237)
Hemline£ 1.40View/Order
H251 S.jpgHEMLINE H251 Tape Measure: Metric/Imperial - 150cm

(Quick Find Code: H251)
Hemline£ 1.60View/Order
H261_C S.jpgHEMLINE H261.C Large Flat Unpicker Stitch Ripper

(Quick Find Code: H261.C)
Hemline£ 1.60View/Order
H668.600 S.jpgHEMLINE H668 38mm Nickel Pins Plastic Head, 600

(Quick Find Code: H668.600)
Hemline£ 5.80View/Order
H668.20 S.jpgHEMLINE H668.20 38mm Nickel Pins Plastic Head, 200

(Quick Find Code: H668.20)
Hemline£ 2.50View/Order

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